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Many of us wrongly assume that the Christian faith harshly chains us to a set of rules and regulations we call the Law. 
But the Law of God isn’t intended to restrict personal freedom; but like a father guides a son the Commandments instructs us toward maturity.  
God cares who you are becoming so much so that with His own finger He provides direction for guiding the heart towards greater intimacy with Him.

Paul sees the gospel as not only a way to enter the kingdom of God, but also the way to live as part of the kingdom of God. Through this book, we'll see how the gospel transforms every aspect of our lives, freeing us to live more loved in Jesus than we dare hope. Come explore with us the freedom of abiding in Christ in the series called Galatians; Free to Live!

Life is not as smooth as we'd like it to be; often it is more like a dangerous journey through the desert. Along the way you will experience rough paths that will test your endurance. And you will face obstacles that threaten to weaken your faith in God and in yourself. You either learn to trust God's plan or you look for your own way out. The Old Testament book of Numbers is the story of life in the wilderness as God's people wandered for years in the desert. Their story gives us a compass to help us face the trying times of our lives as we walk with our God.

Many in our culture say, it doesn't matter so much what you believe as long as you believe it with all your heart.
The Bible says something different. The Bible tells us that what we believe matters, in fact truth is essential.
While not exhaustive, if you are looking for a basic summary of the essentials of Christian faith, there is no better starting point than the Apostles' Creed. 
Explore the basics of faith in The Apostles' Creed: A Solid Foundation.

The Psalms are a prayer book for God's people. The joy of the Psalms is their honest expression of raw human emotion. The Psalms neither fear this expression nor identify us by our feeling; rather they show us a third way. Believing God created humanity with a variety of emotions, the Psalms give us a place to share the emotions of our hearts. Doubt, fear, anger, guilt, and numbness are all laid at the feet of our Savior. You're invited to join us in exploring how to pray our feelings in a series called Praying the Psalms. 

"What is the GOOD LIFE? From wealth to health, career to cashmere, from knowledge to lineage there are no shortages to answers.  But far too often the things we crave are elusive, unimpressive, or simply empty when we experience them.  What gives life meaning?  Join us in “Finding the Good Life” as we explore Ecclesiastes."

God has designed each of us to be gifts to each other.
If you haven't taken a Spiritual Gifts Test, or haven't taken one recently, we invite you to do this one "Discover Your Gifts" based on the book by Alvin J. Vandergriend. Talk to Pastor Chad about getting a copy of this excellent book if you would like to learn more about how to use your gifts to serve more fully.

We explore Paul's letter to the Ephesians and how following Christ affects our everyday lives. Even in the face of trials and hardships, God's eternal plans can move us to persevere by reminding us that those who have faith in Christ are rooted in His Spirit. Likewise, imitating Christ is far from a solo endevour, it is an intentional mission to display God's hope to the world by living in unity as one body in their families, neighborhoods and churches. The church is a community empowered by Christ!