Online Worship Resources

Your prayer requests can be shared on the video feed.

Pastor Chad or Jennifer will remove them and put them on the private facebook group after worship.

Here is the order of worship for the August 9 Service:

Order of Worship

Welcome & Greeting

· My Life is in You Lord

· Where You Lead Me

Confession & Assurance


Ecclesiastes 3

· Blessed Assurance

· Open Up the Heavens




The second offering:

F Street Church, Lincoln, NE



Listening Guide , Ecclesiastes 3

I. Life seems purposeless/redundant…


II. Tensions in life…

a. Everything beautiful in time

b. Eternity placed in our hearts

c. Either it ALL matters or none of it


III. How do we handle TIME?

a. Recognize God at work

b. Fear God


Application Questions

· In what ways are you conscious of eternity? How could you become conscious of it?

· Why is faith a major element of enjoying and finding satisfaction in the time we’ve been given?

· How does knowing Christ make a difference in your attitude toward the simple things of life, or in death itself?



August Second Offering Schedule

August 2: Benevolence

August 9: F Street Church

August 16: Hope Center

August 23: Teen Challenge

August 30: Buillding Improvement Fund