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Order of Worship for April 5, 2020: Palm Sunday


Text: Habakkuk 3:1-19
Welcome and Greeting (say hello in the comments)
Songs: Holy, Holy, Holy. Lord God Almighty and Hosanna
Confession and Assurance
Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me
Blessed Assurance
Hear Our Praises

The second offering cause is for support for Jared & Anna DeYoung
Your prayer requests can be shared on the video feed.


Pastor Chad or Jennifer will remove them and put them on the private facebook group after worship.

A Virtual Palm Procession
One tradition that we are missing out on this year is the Children's Procession on Palm Sunday.
So, we are making a new, digital tradition for everyone to join in on!
The church can comment during the FB Live service, so when Pastor indicates during the song Hosanna!, post a Palm Sunday image, emoji, or just type in words of praise as we celebrate the triumphal entrance of Jesus. 
Kids (and adults), if you have access to a printer, feel free to print out coloring pages below and get them ready for Sunday. Or, draw your own picture if you want. Take a picture of your artwork, or even better, you holding your artwork up so the rest of the church family can see you in the comments. 
Palm Sunday Printable Pages 

Covid-19 UPDATE