Online Worship Resources

Your prayer requests can be shared on the video feed.

Pastor Chad or Jennifer will remove them and put them on the private facebook group after worship.

Order of Worship

Welcome & Greeting

· All I Have is Christ

· I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Confession & Assurance


Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12

· Enough

· All to Jesus (I Surrender)




The second offering:

PLC Building Improvement


Listening Guide                

Searching after Good


I Myths of wealth

a Leads to better society

b Leads to satisfaction

c Leads to peace of mind

d Will make things RIGHT


II Where to look for the Good Life

a Recognizing Our Limitations

b Recognizing God as the Giver

c Recognizing God as Enough


Application Questions

· Where do you see these myths play out in our culture?

· Why do you think many people don’t enjoy the riches they work so hard to get?

· How does your view of God influence your interpretation of the Good Life?





Second Offering Schedule

6: MAF Moses
13: Benevolence
20: Assure Women's Center
27: World Renew

4: De Youngs Support
11: The Life House
18: Building Improvement
25: Benevolence

1: Open Door Mission
8: F Street Church
15: Hope Center for Kids
22: Teen Challenge
29: Building Improvement