Online Worship Resources

Your prayer requests can be shared on the video feed.

Pastor Chad or Jennifer will remove them and put them on the private facebook group after worship.

Order of Worship for the June 7 online service
Sermon Series: Gifted to Care
  • Welcome & Greeting
    • All Over Again, Spirit Song
  • Confession and Assurance
  • Message
  •  "Gifted to Care" Series
    • Text is 1 Corinthians 12
  • Songs: Spirit Touch Your Church and Behold Our God
  • Blessing 

  • The second offering this week is for Nathan and LB Moses

The new Elder and Deacon will be selected after the service on our online feed 

   click here for printable pdf

Listening Guide        I Corinthians 12:1-31      Gifted to Care: Master Plan

I.                 Lordship of Jesus



II.                Uniquely Created



III.              Directed by God



IV.              Complimenting God’s purposes



V.               Worthless without Love


Application Questions

·        Why should we remember God’s sovereignty over gifts?

·        Why might it be important to be who God called you to be, rather than trying to imitate the gifts of others?

·        Do you tend to think about the gifts more from a personal or corporate mind-set?

2nd Offerings for June & July
June 7: Mission Aviation Fellowship (Moses)
June 14: PLC Benevolence Fund
June 21: Assure Women's Center
June 28: World Renew

July 5: Missionary Support: DeYoungs
July 12: The Life House
July 19: Building Improvement Fund
July 26: Open Door Mission

Sunday School Resources

We have found some resources for the children of PLC. We will link to a weekly video lesson from Group Publishing which consist of a lesson about God from Scripture. Each lesson consists of a song, Bible story, and often an artistic response. We encourage you to do the lessons together, and as always parents need to be thoughtful as to the content and material. Be sure to post the kid's pictures to our Facebook page. 

Week Three: Jesus' Power Takes Action
Scripture: John 5:1-9
Supplies: Bible, Paper, Pen
Song: "Get Up"


Week Two: Jesus' Power Calms Our Worries
Scripture: Matthew 14:22-23
Supplies Needed: Paper, markers or crayons, bowl of water, pepper, dish soap
Song: Won't Worry 'Bout a Thing 



Week One: Jesus' Power Calms our Fears
Scripture: Mark 4:35-41
Supplies needed: Bowl of water, towel, scotch tape, table
Song: My God is Powerful

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