Online Worship Resources

Your prayer requests can be shared on the video feed.

Pastor Chad or Jennifer will remove them and put them on the private facebook group after worship.

Order of Worship

Welcome & Greeting

· Our God

· Sing to the King

Confession & Assurance

Guide to Grateful Living

—Children in Worship Dismissal—


Ecclesiastes 9:13-11:8

· Speak, O Lord

· How Marvelous (I Stand Amazed)






The second offering:

Missionary Support:

De Youngs



Listening Guide      Ecclesiastes 9:13-11:8       Choose Your Own Adventure…

Wise people do this, and Foolish people do this…

with Advice

wit9:13-11:8h Life

with Actions

with who you Listen to

with where you Focus

with Resources

with Community

The Good Life is Intentional

Application Questions

Who/What are you allowing to speak into your life? Are the messages uniting or dividing?

What might be lasting consequences of living foolishly, living wisely?

 How is living generously connected to finding the Good Life?





Second Offering Schedule

6: MAF Moses
13: Benevolence
20: Assure Women's Center
27: World Renew

4: De Youngs Support
11: The Life House
18: Building Improvement
25: Benevolence

1: Open Door Mission
8: F Street Church
15: Hope Center for Kids
22: Teen Challenge
29: Building Improvement