Vision Statement

We want to be a growing and multiplying Bible-based church that focuses on community and prayer. (Where we are headed)

(Expanded) Prairie Lane Christian Reformed Church desires to be a community that is devoted to knowing and enjoying the great love of Jesus Christ in our lives. We will learn the joy of being united with Christ and to one another.  We desire to move past “friendliness”, and instead engage in meaningful friendships as we share together our joys and burdens.  We will celebrate together the miracles the Holy Spirit gives us.  We will find encouragement and rest through God’s Word and through devotion to prayer.

Our lives of faith and meaningful community will be evident and attractive to others.  We reach out to others “as we are going”.  Each of us has a mission from God and each one is called to be a missionary in our own contexts and to those we know. We desire to be a growing and multiplying congregation that continually works to partner with Christ and His church in expanding God’s kingdom. 

We will not be content to remain where we are, but instead will take risks in our obedience to our Lord, as we obey his 3 great commands: to love God, to love one another, and to make disciples.