Our History

Prairie Lane Church was started when some established Christian Reformed Churches in Northwest Iowa felt a call to start a mission church plant in the Omaha area.

In 1957 the property was purchased, which at the time was on the western fringes of Omaha.  In 1961 a few families gathered for a worship service in the basement of the parsonage. 

Prairie Lane was officially organized as a Christian Reformed congregation in March 1965.  

Dr. James DeYoung was the first pastor.  Rev. Dan Steen (2005-2017) was the eighth pastor.  

The Mustard Seed Pre-School started at the church in 1976, and after 37 years, closed in 2013.

On May 4, 2008 we opened our new worship center with a dedication service.  

The Life House was opened in September 2014 sponsored by Prairie Lane Church and Westwood RCA as a food pantry. In 2022, it shifted its focus to diaper distribution and moved to their warehouse location 9100 F Street.

Through all this time there have been many changes in the city and the culture and in technology.  The ways we worship have changed too.  Many families have come and gone.  Yet, throughout these years the church has always been located in the same place in the Prairie Lane neighborhood, and the name of the church reflects our commitment to this community.  We have had a long history of community events and neighborhood children's programs, and that commitment continues today. And, we have always made it a priority to proclaim God's truth from the Bible in clear and relevant ways.  

We continue to change.  We hope to impact our neighborhoods with the good news of the gospel, grew in numbers and someday daughter a new church.  We know that God has been our help in ages past, and our hope for years to come.  We change, but the God we serve does not.